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Please feel free to click HERE for an  overview of our travel program.

Our Travel Teams provide additional opportunities for our most skilled athletes that are willing to commit to the training and expectations of an elite team.  Athletes are chosen through our Select Program and evaluated at practice.  

We aim to have a team roster of 14 - 16 field players, as well as 1 - 2 goalkeepers per age group. 

Travel Team competition seasons will run throughout the year.

Spring /Summer  ALL TRAVEL ATHLETES will have a weekly practice at their HOME site (closest location to their home), Sunday TEAM practice and tournaments/games on weekends.

November 2021 - February 2022 (WINTER) at Naperville Yard 

Dates: Sundays, November 14, 2021 - February 13, 2022 (No practice 11/28, 12/26,1/2)
Location: Naperville Yard Indoor Sports Complex - 1601 Legacy Circle, Naperville

U12 Travel Team 10-11:30 am. U14 Travel Team 11:30-1pm
U16 Travel Team: 3 - 5pm
U19 Travel Team: 4 - 6pm
Cost: $575

* Registration pending through the RISE website

Late February2022 - July 2022 (SPRING and SUMMER) at Naperville Yard and Oak Park River Forest High School on SUNDAY afternoon 

Practice and Training EXPECTATIONS

Our Travel Team players will be expected to attend  practice sessions beginning with our winter sessions (November - February) and continuing throughout spring and early summer (April - July) Travel team practices are held on SUNDAYS in Winter and Spring.

Practice is MANDATORY. All Travel Team players are  expected to participate in all tournaments. Exceptions are made for multi-sport athletes.

 FINANCIAL  EXPECTATIONS The commitment to be a  member of the RISE Travel team is also a financial commitment to families. We will always work to keep our cost as low as possible to provide high level instruction at quality facilities. 

As we continue to grow the opportunities to train and play more, we will continue to offer payment plans for families. 


WINTER practice fees - Approx. $575

SPRING practice fees - Approx. $275 - $375

UNIFORM FEE - Approx. $200

COLLEGE TOOL FEE (includes a NSCA account, a Honest Game account and video skills footage) - $125

TOURNAMENT FEES - Each tournament is paid for 4-6 weeks in advance of the tournament. Tournament fees are charged per tournament. Please feel free to check the calendar of events for tournament fees.


An athlete's age on December 31 of that given year determines what age group the athlete will be in for the following year.

For example, if the athlete is 15 years old on December 31 and turns 16 on January 1 - they remain in the U16 division. 

U12 born between 2010-2011

U14 born between 2008-2009

U16 born between 2006-2007

U19 born between 2003-2005

RISE TRAVEL TEAM Tournaments 2022


Aim 7 v 7 Tournament - St. Louis, MO April  TBD

U12/U14, U16 and U19 Teams will play in the Aim 7v7 tournament in St. Louis, MO. This tournament is a one day tournament. Estimated cost is $185 per athlete. This trip is NOT CHAPERONED.

Gateway Regional Cup - St. Louis, MO -MAY TBD

u12/U14/U16/U19 Teams will play in the Gateway Regional Cup in St. Louis, MO. This tournament is a two day tournament. Estimated cost is $400 per athlete. This trip is NOT CHAPERONED.

Limelight Showcase - Spooky Nook, PA-JUNE TBD

U16 and U19 Team will plan to play in the Limelight Showcase at Spooky Nook, PA. Estimated cost is $275 per athlete. This trip is NOT CHAPERONED.

University of Liggett Tournament - Grosse Pointe Woods, MI (June TBD)

U12/U14/U16/U19 Teams plan to play in the two day tournament at University of Liggett, outside of Detroit. Estimated cost is $225 per athlete. This trip is NOT CHAPERONED.

Pumpkin Classic - Northfield, IL October 2022

U12/U14 Teams plan to play in the one day tournament at the New Trier High School Turf Fields at the Northfield Campus.

Shooting Star - Virginia  November 2022

U14/U16/U19 Teams will plan to play at the Shooting Star Showcase. Estimated cost per athlete is $425. This trip is NOT CHAPERONED.

Winter Escape Showcase-January 2023 

Location is at Bombay Sports Complex -Sanford , Florida 



For More Information about our travel program please contact us.